Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wall Street Journal Free Trial Offer

The Wall Street Journal is a major newspaper in the United States, currently with the widest circulatation of over 2 million copies nationwide. Current offerings include both a print version as well as an online version, both which may be cancelled at any time. In addition, current specials include Wall Street Journal Free Trials that offer up to 4 weeks free for subscribers of the print and online edition.

The Wall Street Journal is an international newspaper offered worldwide in US, European and Asian versions. It is currently owned by Dow Jones & Company. While the paper primarily focuses on business and financial news, it has in recent years widened its scope by including sections that include such topics as food and dining, culture, books, entertainment, fashion, travel, and other diverse topics.

New features that became available over the past decade or so include an online edition of the newspaper as well as an application that lets subscribers receive news over mobile phone devices.

The main sections of the Wall Street Journal are listed below:

--"Section One," which covers the daily news, including economic and political news and corporate news.The opinion page includes opinion pieces from well-known writers such as Kimberly Strassel, Mary O'Grady and Peggy Noonan, along with many others.
--"Marketplace," which covers various major industries such as technology, media and health.It is part of the weekday edition of the Wall Street Journal.
--The "Money and Investing" section includes comprehensive coverage of the financial markets and industries, both in the US and abroad.
--"Personal Journal," as the name implies, includes coverage of personal topics like culture, personal investments, as well as career and job information.
--The "Pursuits" section covers lifestyle and leisure, and includes everything from cooking, books, and travel to recreation.

The paper has grown into a rich online and print information source, and the best way to get an idea of everything it offers is to sign up for the Wall Street Journal Free Trial, available at this link.

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